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Gateway's Grant Application Process

Gateway focuses on transformational science via effective clinical trials—when basic science translates into human testing and clinical practice. We invest in clinical trials to enroll patients at all ages, with all cancer types, whose cancer is at any stage of progress—as long we they have the potential to help people live longer and feel better.

We accept submissions on a rolling basis and typically approve funding requests within 3-4 months—an extraordinarily short timeline compared to most research funding streams. As a result, Investigators can capitalize on Gateway funding to quickly enroll patients and move the research forward more rapidly than most funding allows.

Together with the Director of Research and Grants, Gateway's Board of Scientific Counselors evaluate proposed research and monitor funded research. Grants are approved for up to two years of funding contingent upon investigators following Gateway’s reporting protocol. The updates must demonstrate not only fiscal responsibility, but also show real progress through measurable patient impact.


Around the world, tens of thousands of cancer patients choose to take part in clinical trials.
They participate not only to fight their own cancer, but also to help create new and better treatment options for other cancer patients.

99 cents of every dollar received directly funds cancer clinical trials


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Clinical trials funded at leading institutions worldwide


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