Patient Success Stories

Patient Success Stories


Gateway has always honored the people at the heart of a clinical trial. Every patient who participates in a clinical trial plays a critical role in conquering cancer on behalf of all of us. Hear success stories from some of the courageous people who have participated in Gateway-funded trials. 


Hunter Coffman

Just two months after brain surgery utilizing a breakthrough treatment funded by a Gateway trial, Hunter is a thriving three year old. He inspires our mission to find better treatments and cures for cancer, so more children do not have to face the same difficult struggles.

Maddy Oliver

At Age 17, Maddy Oliver was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, an aggressive bone malignancy with one of the lowest survival rates for pediatric cancer. Watch Maddy's update one and a half years after completion of her cancer clinical trial.

Lee Thompson

When Lee Thompson first learned he had colorectal cancer, it was of course a shock, but he had a feeling that his battle with cancer was going to change his life—not end it. He was right. For Lee, participation in a Gateway-funded clinical trial was indeed life-changing. He responded well to the trial’s novel combination drug therapy for advanced stage colorectal cancer and is now in clinical remission.

Michelle Ashby

Michelle Ashby is a nurse and mother to two children. In December of 2009, she was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of inflammatory stage 4 breast cancer. She had no lumps in her breasts, no history of breast cancer in her family and a recent mammogram was normal. Michelle was accepted into a breast cancer vaccine trial being funded by Gateway and led by Dr. William Gillanders and Dr. Timothy Fleming. The vaccine is designed to excel at destroying hidden cells not detected by traditional radiation or chemotherapy. Michelle continued traditional treatments while also receiving three vaccines. Michelle is cancer free today. The results of Dr. Gillanders’ study have been extremely promising—he is in the process of preparing for a large-scale clinical trial to attempt to achieve the same results on a larger scale.

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